From the mind of a former foster child

My introduction to DHS/child protective services and foster care In Oregon started many years ago. Back then it was called CSD.
I had stood up to my abuser and requested the help of these agencies to protect me. Instead of protecting me from the abuser they decided to isolate me from my entire family.
After suffering physical abuse in the foster home and mental abuse from my therapist, who told me since I was abused I would abuse as if it wasn’t a choice, I ran away.
Through the years it hasn’t mattered what kind of job I had, where I lived or how much my kids were loved and taken care of child protective services has harass me and stalked me.
So most can understand my passion to advocate for change in foster care and child protection.
I started researching for answers for change. Studies, laws, policies, past cases anything I could get my hands on. I spent countless hours at the library looking for answers but I mostly found the problems with these agencies.
It’s then that I noticed something very disturbing the issues within these agencies wasn’t just in my county, not in just my state. Nation wide and across continents I saw a trend of these agencies violating their own policies to facilitate illegal and unwarranted child removals.
I started to understand it wasn’t just a few rogue caseworker or agencies but a cultural mentality within the whole entire industry. Children belonged to the state.
Watching as supposed studies and past cases justified a crystal ball to remove kids from none abusive parents and yet clear and convincing abuse was ignored and children died.
Looking back at demands from society to keep kids with families only to see the agencies response was to leave kids in homes where there was clearly life threatening abuse.
In my opinion this response was a careless attitude to help try and prove family is a bad idea and justify more power for the agencies.
I started to see patterns in cases. Issues of little understood genetic conditions giving these agencies a right to take children because they didn’t understand. Justina Pelletier is a perfect example. Mitochondrial disease, cystic fibrosis,Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) or Brittle Bone Disease,
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, even Mongolian blue spots has been mistaken for child abuse.
Doctors also fearing malpractice lawsuits has helped create false cases against parents many times labelling parents with an extremely rare condition called Munchausen by proxy.
These theory syndromes and labels , also not very widely understood are causing parents and children to be separated at a time when a child needs their family the most.
A few other patterns I recognized were parents in poverty, marijuana use, family separation (family court) and so called mental health issues. As we hit a recession more children were forcibly removed from poor parents. Others who also never neglected or abused their children but simply smoked marijuana lost their children sometimes permanently.
In many cases of divorce things can become emotional, the family courts depends on and feed off of this sometimes causing animosity between families that never existed before. In these cases child protection is used as a tool to win in custody battles.
Another tool is psychiatric evaluations done at a time when most people’s emotions are extremely heightened giving a false sense and diagnosis of a mental disorder. As well these psychologists are given sometimes misleading and false reports before they conduct evaluations that most of the parents refute therefore creating a false label of narcissism ( they accuse the patient of belittling the real problem)
Most of all in all my research and findings I have not found a child protection agency I have found a tool, funding from federal government used to balance state budgets, and any extremely abusive industry that refuses to understand it causes more harm then good.
I could make recommendations on things I believe would help change the system for the better but first we must get these agencies to admit there’s a problem before they’d be willing to listen to the solution .
Therefore I will continue to bombard and expose these agencies until the world sees the truth. The reason these agencies no longer call themselves child protection services publicly , but rather Dhs, acts, dogs etc, is because they no longer protect children from child abuse and neglect. They cause it


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