The system IS NOT the better parent

Dear President, Senators and citizens of the United States,
We have a problem.  All across America Families are under attack. Children are being abused and no one is being held accountable.

Maryanne Godboldo a Detroit mother faced a SWAT team and a tank trying to protect her daughter. She was trying to get her daughter off questionable mind altering drugs that had lawsuits pending because of the dangers it posed to children. She face jail and the courts because the child protection agency claimed to be the better parent.

Justina Pelletier a Connecticut teen held captive by the Boston children’s hospital and child protection agency because Justina has mitochondrial disease, a little-understood physical illness. Her father Lou Pelletier disobeyed a gag order to try and help rescue his child from the nightmare of the rogue power hungry system.

Sacramento California a 5 month old child was forcefully removed from Anna and Alex Nikolayev after they sought a second opinion for their child’s flu-like symptoms.

Natasha Felix, a 27-year-old single mother has been fighting against the kidnapping of her children by child protective services for allowing her children to play outside.

The Maryland “free-range” parents at the center of a national debate over parental supervision have been cleared of child neglect charges related to an incident in December in which their children, ages 6 and 10, were allowed to walk home alone from a playground a mile from their house.

From Washington, New York, Georgia, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Missouri and Oregon I can find cases just like these all crossed our nation.
Unfortunately that’s not all I have found. Class action Lawsuits from former and current Foster Children have also skyrocketed costing tax payers into the high end of hundreds of million dollars while the agencies use the billions of dollars meant to protect children to defend themselves in court against the very children they claim to have rescued and protected.

All the while we are fed the same line (lies) if we just put more money into these agencies, higher more workers then we might to see a better run system. Yet every time more money is given to these agencies they use it to remove more children.

Many of these children are loved and hadn’t experienced abuse or trauma until they were removed and placed into the system. Over medicated, sex trafficked,  and falling through the cracks these throw away children lack the one main ingredient that helps create a strong, independent, self confident productive member of society. LOVE!  No amount of money will ever take the place of a child’s family and their parents LOVE.

Every day we are learning how events in life impact a child’s brain. Child protection agencies use this as a response/ excuse to justify their actions against families. But refuse to recognise the deep impact caused to children forcibly separated and isolated from their family.

Molly McGrath of the Boltimore child protection agency touches base on this very issue and more. In a Ted Talks show she states

“Now the abuse and neglect is awful for children, it’s terrible, absolutely. When we also then take them from their families, we’re digging a wound so deep I don’t believe we have a way of measuring it.”

“Child welfare is an industry and industries are self-protecting ecosystems. Think about it, the only time the federal government pays me is when I take somebody’s kid. And as soon as that kid’s in foster care they instantly become a commodity, and the industry starts to wrap around, doctors, lawyers, judges, social workers, advocates, whole organizations. The industry is committed to this intervention, this taking other people’s children, ‘cause that’s what it needs to survive. And it’s on auto pilot and it’s going to do whatever it has to do to stay alive”

Lawyers, Judges, Senators, Advocates, Child protection workers, Foster Parents, Former Foster Children and Families have spoken out about the dysfunctional broken system. Yet nothing is being done to actually address the power and abuse of these agencies. Currently the child protection agencies and court define “the best interest of the child” as if the system itself is a better parent then families. The assumption by these agencies is THEY have more right to the children then the child has to their family roots.

Albert Einstein gave us the definition of insanity. “To do the same thing over and over and each time expect different results”
Maryanne Godboldo

Justin’s Pelletier held captive

Parents seek second medical opinion

Single mother loses children because she allowed them to play outside.

Free range parents cleared of child neglect.

Texas Class action lawsuit
Arizona Class action lawsuit
Oregon lawsuit
New York class action lawsuit

Feds pay for drug fraud on foster kids
Mass drugging of foster children

Molly McGrath Rethinking foster care
Molly McGrath the other side of fear

Kids gain more from family then foster care


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