Dirty agency changes leaders, changes names but doesn’t change its evil ways

In Oregon we’ve seen it all! Oregon’s child protective services/DHS once known as CSD removes Children unnecessarily from their homes, leaves abused children in deplorable situations, has a foster care system riddled with fraud and abuse and a child protection agency who shows less care for children and more in sustaining the industries.
It seems these workers have master degrees in manipulation, lies and creative writing. Every new law or regulation passed down is manipulated to benefit the agency and not the children.
Take for example Oregon’s Grandparents rights and differential response program bragged about by Senator Ron Wyden. Oregon DHS forces family members to become foster parents in order to actually take on their own kin (children) yet here in Oregon if a foster parent (family environment not group home) is accused of abuse they do not receive notice, children are ripped away and the foster parent is not allowed due process to fight these allegations. They also lose their grandparents rights the minute they become foster parents and an allegation is made. Same goes for any grandparent or kin who fails in a home study in an attempt to adopt their kin. There is no appeals process in these cases.

Oregon has seen many foster care lawsuits through out the years. The abuse is rampid in the foster care system here. Somehow Dhs is able to skirt out of accountability in these foster care abuse cases.
Currently Oregon has agreed to pay $15 million in a lawsuit settlement. The payout will resolve a federal lawsuit  against the Oregon Department of Human Services filed on behalf of nine young children — medically fragile newborns, infants and toddlers ranging in age from 2 days to 3 years — abused by a Salem foster father James Earl Mooney who admitted to abusing over 30 children.
Yet somehow the agency is still allowed to claim “in the child’s best interest” when placing children in foster care rather then with family.
And here’s a dirty secret DHS keeps. Many families are denied placement if they’ve ever had an abuse allegation against them but it was found that all who worked for Give us this day have criminal records. So in the minds of Oregon DHS children are better off with criminals then families who are too poor to defend themselves against this tyrant agency.

We have very few organizations and people in Oregon willing to step up and expose the system. At one time we had a truly amazing hero/advocate Named Leonard Henderson. Leonard started his battle with Oregon CPS in 1997. He went on to foundOregon Family Rights and was co-founder of the American Family Rights AssociationHe set out to help families and expose how the system abuses rather then rescues children.
I remember fondly how he used to say “Till ever child comes home” Sadly he passed away January of 2015. Much of his work we are unable to see and share since his passing.

We also have a few brave souls at the Oregonian news agency.
Through the years they have done some amazing work at trying to help expose the over medicating and abuse of foster kids.  And even though new laws were passed to make sure the kids have a mental evaluation before being medicated the problem still exists.
Children are being falsely labeled or institutionalized to help facilitate the right to over medicate these children.

Statesmen Journal and Willamette weekly have also stepped forward in reporting about the recent foster care DHS scandal here. Children in Oregon are removed from their families based on the lowest standard of evidence ” preponderance of evidence” yet clear and convincing abuse is ignored when children are in the hands of the state. Most families are held to a higher standard of care for their children while the state and foster care system is allowed ” minimally adequate” care for the children they’ve ripped away from families.

Film maker Bill Bowen was creating a documentary call innocence destroyed. He had been approached by a father from Klamath falls claiming court transcripts had been altered to help facilitate the kidnapping of his children. As you watch the documentary you see many of the cases were from right here in Oregon . This documentary should have helped expose how even the courts are in on the whole scam to destroy families for profit.
We’ve heard caseworkers claim that it’s the courts decision on whether or not to remove children. But if Bill Bowens finding were correct the courts and child protective services are both guilty of fraud and child kidnapping.

At one point we had a ex child protection worker here trying to expose the cultural mentality within the system. He had spoken to Leonard Henderson and others on many occasions. In one of the articles written he had spoken about the Child Welfare mentality that “it is not about the welfare of the child.
Rather, it is about the welfare of the agency itself. The internal paranoia that a “Cover-Your-Agency” (CYA) mentality creates has become so pervasive that most caseworkers and supervisors are determined not to make any decision that might jeopardize their career… and the children are afterthoughts”
After years of abuse by the very system he worked for he was finally fired (on his birthday) without justifiable cause.

In an article written by Richard Wexler
Executive Director for a small child advocacy organization, the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform.
He points out alot of bias that can be recognised within the decisions made by the child protection and foster care in Oregon. Also including Sen.Gelser  noted concern that a majority of reports alleging abuse in foster care are closed at screening. Allegations of abuse in foster care are screened out at a significantly higher rate  – more than 66 percent – than allegations of abuse in general.  This is still another indication of where the real bias lies in Oregon

Overall in 2014, more than half of complaints fielded by the Department of Human Services were closed during an initial screening. That’s because state law strictly limits investigations in child welfare cases, usually to incidents involving near-death and other serious injuries or an ongoing threat.

Yet reviewing many past cases against the natural families this standard is much lower.

I know all of this is hard to take in.  It definitely seems stranger then fiction to believe the very system put in place to protect children is actually abusing them.  But you do not have to believe me.  I’m providing links for you to follow up and see for yourself.  You can come to your own conclusion.

Acting Oregon DHS director removed after foster care report

Dhs foster care system gets committee reviewhttp://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/politics/2015/11/22/dhs-foster-care-system-gets-committee-review/76219352

DHS investigating 7 foster homes

Dhs flunks common sense test

Fed investigates state’s claim for grant moneyhttp://www.eastoregonian.com/eo/capital-bureau/20151202/feds-investigating-state-claims-for-grant-money

Fed open investigation into Portland foster carehttp://www.wweek.com/2015/12/02/feds-open-investigation-into-troubled-portland-foster-care-provider

Governor Kate brown orders independent review of state foster care oversight

Read emails showing what top officials knew about troubled foster carehttp://www.wweek.com/2015/11/07/read-the-emails-showing-what-top-dhs-officials-knew-about-troubled-foster-care-provider

 Scandal fallout:Oregon pulls foster kids from another provider

Child welfare in Oregon a columnist indulgent rant isn’t helping

Foster care scandal: Oregon releases years of shocking abuse complaints

DHS–$40 Million in Mistakes | The Oregon Catalyst

Whistleblower lawsuit claims Oregon DHS falsely inflated healthy kids connect enrollment

Oregon DHS repeatedly fail to help abused girlhttp://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2010/01/state_agency_repeatedly_failed.html

Oregon Dhs worker arrested for drinking and driving

Oregon child protection worker fired for Facebook rant

Oregonian exposes over medicating of foster children

Oregon house passes bill on over medicating foster kids

Mother loses 3 kids because daughter is short.

Oregon Dhs is corrupt

State seeks gag order on case of foster care abuse

State to pay a record 15 million in foster care sexual abuse case

Filmmaker was documenting abuses in cps and children murdered under state custody

Watch innocence destroyed

Lawsuit against state DHS filed on behalf of murdered Eugene area …

Portland Oregon jury awards 4.1 million to child abused by foster parent

Dhs used for 1 million for foster child sexually abused

Attorney files 4.75 million dollar lawsuit on behalf of child who foster parents broke bones and burned him

Foster children who were Starved file 32 million dollar lawsuit in Oregon

Abused foster children sue Oregon for 8 million.

Oregon to payout 2 million in foster care abuse of two children who will need assistance for life

Written by an Oregon DHS worker

Oregon Dhs used in foster child abusehttp://legallykidnapped.blogspot.com/2008/12/oregon-dhs-sued-in-alleged-foster-care.html?m=1

Trial set for dad’s case against Oregon Dhs

Mother of Ashley Pond plans to file lawsuit

Mother and son reunited after 2 year battle with Oregon DHS

Oregon Dhs corrupt civil violators

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Maples vs Oregon Dhs

They save children don’t they

Kids taken from foster home judge outraged

Parents accuse Lane County DHS of persecution – The Oregon Herald

Oregon foster child murdered in Mexicohttp://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/05/oregon_foster_childs_murder_in.html

Oregon foster care system needs reformhttp://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/opinion/editorials/2015/08/17/oregons-foster-care-system-needs-reform/31804681

Fired CASA director threatens lawsuit

Who ticked off Leonard Henderson this badly


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