A look at how the billion dollar child protection industry causes more harm then good.


I’m so angry. Not about my life and what I went through but for the others who have been deeply betrayed by the systems created to protect them.
The more I research on the outcomes of children in the system the more i see they have been used as job security.
Regardless of how the child ended up as a ward of state many of them want to be loved, understood, helped. But the system doesn’t provide for emotional security for these kids.
They are vulnerable and easy targets for sex trafficking. As many take a closer look at the children rescued from sex trafficking we see a nightmarish trend, it is becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. foster care system is a “pipeline” for human trafficking. In an interview with NPR, Malika Saada Saar of Rights4Girls discusses this issue:

If we really look at this issue of child trafficking in America, it’s another lens through which to understand how broken our foster care system is. Many of these girls, especially, have been put into multiple placements, and many of these girls in those different placements have been abused. So one survivor leader whom we work with who was trafficked from the age of 10 to 17 – all through California, Nevada, Washington state – she talks about how, for her, foster care was the training ground to being trafficked. She understood that she was attached to a check. And what she points out is that at least the pimp told her that he loved her, and she never heard that in any of her foster care placements.

Yet for generations these children have not been treated as victims but rather persecuted as criminal. Arrested by the police, labeled as prostitutes in the juvenile courts and gaining criminal records that hinder their chances of ever overcoming the harsh abuse they endured as children.
Consider the story of a 13-year-old girl, who was sold by a pimp to dozens of men throughout Washington, D.C. She experienced pain, fear, trauma, and abuse. But when an undercover officer, posing as a John, encountered her in a hotel room, she was arrested for prostitution and sent to juvenile jail. The men who bought her (or, more correctly, raped her) walked away free.
This is how the system has profited off the backs of victims for generations. Perpetually abusing victims and allowing criminals free reign to countless numbers of children no longer protected in their family environment.
And here’s the painful reality. A majority of these children were removed based on allegations of neglect, sexual and physical abuse combined only equal up to 30% of cases. These were loved children ripped from their home lost , confused  And made easy targets by predator pedophiles thanks to a broken BILLION DOLLAR SYSTEM who pays no price for being WRONG.


In Focus: Foster Youth Fall Prey to Traffickers




One thought on “A look at how the billion dollar child protection industry causes more harm then good.

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