Who is the real child abuser?

Peter Digre candidly admitted to legislators that about half of the removals of children from their homes in Los Angeles are due to poverty, and not to abuse or neglect.

“It gets down to those very specific issues about a place to live, food on the table, medical care, and things like that,” he explained, adding, “about half of the families are not physical abusers, not sexual abusers, not people with propensities to violence but simply people who are struggling to keep ends pulled together and are eminently salvagable.”

Thomas Morton of the Child Welfare Institute of Georgia is another example.

In the Chicago Tribune Morton was quoted: “The Child Welfare Institute determined that in one-third of the cases, there was absolutely no reason for the children not to be home with their parents. The children were in foster care for the protection of their caseworker, not for their own safety

This was too much for Congressman Herger, who replied: “Evidently, it is your department’s practice to remove children from families in about 50 percent of the cases because they don’t have enough money.”

In a Dcs oversight meeting Senator Ed Ableser said “As a reality, as a trained professional and I know statute I can come into your home and I can find a reason to remove every single one of your kids based on statute”

Senator Ableser continued on stating “there is a damaging portion about removal of the child that’s traumatic to the psychological and traumatic receptors to their brain and the young child under the age of 5 that has trauma such as that can never over mount/ surpass that in their lifetime because that trauma has devastated their brain”.

At the Texas Sunset committee hearing representative Dutton can be heard asking “Who is protecting the children from child protective services”
Then later during the hearing he can be heard saying “I don’t think I’ve heard a worse story of government abuse in my 30 years as a representative”

In a Boston Harold article titled Dcf Handbook Shocker, DCF OVERSIGHT: Criteria uncovered by the Herald in a Department of Children and Families manual shows a stunningly permissive set of rules for screening potential foster home parents, allowing a history including sex offenses involving minors, violence such as manslaughter, and drug offenses such as trafficking cocaine and heroin within 1,000 feet of a school.

So as children are being removed from the protection and safety of their parents at alarming rates we see the Over crowding of the Foster care system which allows criminals to foster over vulnerable children. And it’s all labeled under “The best interest of the child” But is it really?




DCF handbook shocker: Criminal past doesn’t disqualify foster …

Boston Herald › local_coverage › 2014/02

Prospective foster parents with rap sheets listing criminalconvictions for armed assault

The Confusion of Poverty With Neglect

http://www.ipt-forensics.com › volume10

The Confusion of Poverty With Neglect. Several studies have identified the inextricable link between


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