Pastor Handed 7 Life Sentences After Impregnating 14-Year-Old Member | Guardian Liberty Voice

Hawkins began having sexual relations with the teen at age 14 and continued until she became pregnant a year later and went to the police. According to prosecutors, the pastor persuaded the girl to lie to authorities and advising the child allege her mother made her a prostitute. The law did what was right according to the accusations by removing the girl from the home and placed her with foster parents.

The foster parents assigned to care for the teen were employees of Zion Fellowship Ministries also called Zion Plaza Church where Hawkins was the pastor. This allowed the pastor to have access to the young girl whenever he pleased. Allegedly Hawkins would pick the girl up at night, and take her to parks, his church, and motels in order to engage in sexual activities with her. Prosecutors told the judge Hawkins had manipulated the system in times past and should not be given another opportunity to deceive the court


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