Where is the protection in CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES

Child remove is such a deep traumatic impact on a child it can take years and sometime never to recover. In a childs mind this is kidnapping, ripped away from the safety and security of your home and family placed with strangers. Many times these kids face multiple placements and suffer abuse and neglect in these homes. And unfortunately without any real transparency to the system these children suffer years of horribly abusive homes.
Removed from family because of poverty, medical misdiagnosis, parents seeking second medical opinions, poorly trained over zelous caseworkers trying to make a name for themselves and even poor understanding to family dinamics by these child protection agencies who admit to understaffing and revolving door employees (a giant field mine of possibilies for errors and mistakes)
Yet even with all these red flags pointing to the real issues and possibilities of errors these agencies lack the two key ingredients that would protect children from unnecessary harmful removal.
Transparency and accountability.
I agree that child protection is an admirable and difficult task and sometimes painful decisions must be made (ergo i feel all caseworkers must undergo yearly mental evaluations) but when these agencies and workers are allowed such impunitive immunity in their positions it allows for to much of a cushion to be at ease and relax in responsabilities that errors are inevitable.
I do not want to do away with the one real chance abused children have at salvation. What i want to do away with is the agency protection services and return things to CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES.
Forget changing the name of these agencies to pretend change. They need to uphold the original title to their agency, uphold the task that allows them to be given billions in federal funding.
Who is protecting the children from child protective services, no one. As long as the answer to no one then no child is safe.


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