The masterpiece

I look down at the shattered piece on the floor and i know its me that’s been broken. My world and everything i held dear now scattered,some pieces out of my reach.
I try to put the pieces back together but they no longer fit the way they used to. Some pieces are warped and must be tossed  away im afraid i will never be whole again.  I reach down to gather the remaing pieces and im cut, hurt by the sharp edges. Tears roll down my face, it seems so impossible  to fix this.
But then it happens two piece fall into place they fit perfectly together bonded by blood and tears. I find a shred of hope and try and mend more pieces together. Slowly i start to see an image and i work harder to put the pieces in place  i want to know what this is, this master piece that is coming together before my eyes and then, in a moment i realize. Its me, ive mended myself, created anew. This beautiful masterpiece from the broken life that almost destroyed me.

Angelia Borths


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