Child protection workers are trained to manipulate wording to destroy families

Talking with someone privately just now I made a statement I thought I’d share. (Not for ego but for the simple fact of the matter)

One of the reasons I am not judgemental against parents claims against them is because I really know what they mean.

When they say the house was filthy this could be just dishes in the sink, garbage in the garbage and toys everywhere. But when it’s actual abuse they call the conditions deplorable and then they call the media.
(By the way that’s how they convince everyone that all parents dealing with cps are bad parents. By calling the media when they come across real bad parents.

It’s also the miss use of words, filth can be mud tracked across the floor from a dog, which is filthy but not hazardous there’s a difference.

Most of what cps does is a play on words, their whole world revolves around how they define a word or condition and then placed into the public , we define it totally different, so it really sounds like it was a bad parent.

Remeber I’m a supposed drug addict because of one dirty ua in my entire life and no drug history or criminal history and 14 clean (random) ua’s later and they still tried calling me a drug addict.

When looking at their wording without all the real facts it makes people sound like they are someone they are not.   (One of the reason they felt it was true about me was because as a mother of five I would take naps mid afternoon, and because I had dirt under my finger nails, I’m so not kidding people that’s really in their report as evidence)


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