Foster children, Doesn’t their voice matter?

Many people in power or in the public favor have abused children and the pain and suffering of these children have been ignored and excused away. The smooth tongue of the abusers or even supposed saviors have been heard above the cries of the children.

Jimmy Savile recorded denying claims of child sex abuse – AUDIO … › News › UK News › Jimmy Savile child abuse

For centuries families and children have cried out against the sexual abuse they have/had endured at the hands of church. And again the abusers who purposely gain the trust of many are considered more reliable then the crazed outcry of their victims.

 Abuse Tracker – A Blog by Kathy Shaw –
The case for a US national inquiry into institutional child sexual abuse has … New details about the church youth group leader charged with sexual abuse of teens …… Pell has denied all of the claims and was summoned to testify at the next  .

Lawsuits against group homes and foster homes have become a daily norm in the news lately. These children generally tried to expose their suffering while wards of the state and were ignored.

 Lawsuit against children’s group home describes sex crimes – KXTV…/group-home…/9199267/

Now families and children are crying out. They are being abused by agencies who claim to be children saviours, yet all the reports, research and statistics prove these agencies are destroying more lives then they are saving.

Children are screaming to be heard but the secrecy allowed these agencies has created generation of silenced abuse victims…… DOESN’T  THEIR VOICE MATTER.


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