Child protective services creates caskets

Im a single mother (age 41) on March 3rd i had my 3 youngest children ripped from my home, our world turned upside down.
The main foundation was the accusation that my daughter was to small.
She has expressed feelings of inadequacy because people have talk about her in her presence…. she now feels she isnt good enough.
In my fight and heart ache trying to help my kids and get them home i have recently suffered a stroke, to much unwarrented stress.
Its been discovered/documented the caseworker chose to omit evidence contrary to her claims of my guilt. She ignored the positive testimony from many and exaggerated evidence into mountains that were only mole hills.
Bellow are links to my story, my case, my famikies heart ache at the hands of an over zelous agency and caseworker determined to destroy myself and my family.–episode-17again–the-mad-angel-angelia#


One thought on “Child protective services creates caskets

  1. kids are used for government federal funding for states. government lies to create cases to gain more kids. kids are drugged as state agencies get more funding for drugging kids. foster kids are used in satanic worship they are not cared for they are abused. they are sacrificed. they are used for sex by the powerful elite who run the country. illegal child trafficking by a corrupt sickening government. parents should meet strangers at their doors with rifles and tell them to get off their property to avoid having strangers steal their kids in my opinion just like in the old wild west they would stop stealing kids at such an alarming rate. kids are lied to and told their parents dont want them anymore and are sent to live with new families willing to pay to adopt children. states profit. this hitler nazi regime and satanic cult elite government cannot be stopped as families and children suffer a fate worse than abuse, being torn from their homes and families who love them to be tortured. Parents can stand up to the devil with Gods Army on their side and beat the Beast in courts…even the devil shows up in church…he certainly attends court rooms as well…God can beat him down with strong faith prayers and much proof against the disgusting government allowing strangers to steal innocent children for federal profit. start questioning these things if your family has become victimized. and demand your children be returned if they have been stolen. they need strong ADVocates to help them stay safe against evil and strong advocates to get them returned to their families who protect them til nazi hitler regimes stole them away i.e. devil worshipping corrupt
    state government agencies in the US.

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