America’s Deadly Sins – Episode Infinity – A Call For Action 05/13 by Americas Deadly Sins | Politics Podcasts

A Call To Action!!  From your Host Christopher Bruce

Well America? The final straw has hit this father’s back, and enough is decidedly enough. I will be doing the show alone today, and what I intend for this show is nothing short of absolute insanity; but then the insanity was presented me first, via our current system, so really…what should they expect?

The time for revolution has begun. And it begins here. Now.

I will be airing an episode of my show today that will instill a great fear in our oppressors. I want every man, woman and child who has been done wrong in our country to call in and raise your voices. Join me today, as I declare war on that system, then copy the episode link to all in power–episode-infinity–a-call-for-action


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