Short size, BMI and failure to thrive

Every day i look at my court papers, how they word things and try and wrap my mind around the lose of my kids to this system on such flimsy allegations. And yet from the wording alone i completely understand how they are getting away with it.

They claim ive caused serious physical imparements (short size)  to my child.  And just to be fair, yes i and my family tree are guilty of causing my daughters short size but not from abuse or neglect but from genetics.

From November 2014 – February 2015 (3 months) I had a lapse of health insurance but still took my child to her pediatrician in November. She had strep throat. She was weighed and measured. Febuary 26 2015 I took that same child in for a well child check. Again she was weighed and measured.
In that 3 month time span she did not grow an inch and she lost 1 pound. Because of this her peditrician diagnosed her with failure to thrive and accused me of malnutritioning my little girl.
She is a hyper child, fast matabolism (just like all my kids) but she had been eating breakfast and lunch at school and stayed at her dads home on the weekends (makes it a bit more difficult to monitor her food intake)
She loves to eat but prefers her fruits and vegetables.
The doctor had recommended a higher protein/fatting diet to help her grow during the Febuary visit. Yet on March 3rd cps took me to court to remove my kids.
Technically i was given less then a week to try and fatten up my kid. (Not sure how else to look at the recommended/suggested food items, whole milk, butter and such)
Now heres the thing, my kid has always been far bellow size for kids her age. But she has stayed on her own growth pattern. So id like someone to explain to me how the loss of 1pound and no height gain in 3 months should look on her BMI if compared to other kids her age. Wouldnt her own growth pattern be taken into account. Rather then just compairing her to kids her age.
Perhaps im missing something. Maybe someone can inlighten me.


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