Second child sex abuse claim against home carer | Perth Now

A source said it was the second time an allegation had been made about the man, who is not named for legal reasons.

UnitingCare West chief executive Susan Ash stressed the previous claim was investigated and shown to be unfounded.

The source said both allegations involved the same child who was placed in the group home by the Department of Child Protection and Family Support.

They said the man returned to work at the home, where the child continued to live, after being cleared of the first allegation.

“Natural justice has to be taken into account and I am really, really clear that the result of that referral didn’t jeopardise his employment,” Ms Ash said.

“We were satisfied that he could continue with his job.”

Ms Ash said the latest allegation was also investigated by the department but had since been passed on to police.

She said an agreement prevented her from disclosing whether the man was fired or left voluntarily.

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