Police officer did “nothing” when faced with drug affected child who later overdosed, coroner says | Herald Sun

A CORONER has accused police officers of doing “nothing” when confronted with a drug-affected child who later died of a heroin overdose.

Krisinda Smart, 15, was found dead in a St Kilda rooming house on January 21, 2008, after escaping the supervision of Department of Human Services carers.

Coroner Audrey Jamieson said the officers deprived DHS of the opportunity to “meaningfully intervene” in Krisinda’s situation after speaking to the wayward teen and a male in Footscray four days earlier.

Darren Naisbitt, who has since left the police force, said he made a “significant oversight” in not calculating Krisinda’s age despite the teen giving him her date of birth.

Krisinda had admitted she and companion Luke Marchant, 28, had used heroin 15 minutes earlier but Mr Naisbitt told the inquest she was not “off her face” and looked like “every other punter in the street”.

“Alarmingly … Mr Naisbitt regarded voluntary use of heroin by a child on the street as not raising protective concerns,” Ms Jamieson said


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