Take back our children, take back our freedom

Loving parents should not be seperate from their children  just because our courts want a winner and a loser (to fuel the repeat apperances/motions) in the courts.
Our children are being abused by a system that defines our childrens best intrest by the reflection of the courts best intrest and not of the families.
Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and extended Relatives are losing out on the precious moments and children are losing out on the love and support allowed when both sides of their family tree are a part of their lives.
We have a rally coming next month, June 5th. Its time to step out of our homes and comfert Zones and rise up together and show the Government we want our children back.
Demand shared parenting, transparency in the courts and accuntability to all who have abused their powers to remove our children.
We are stronger then them because we are fueled by the love for our children and families. And we out number them. We do not/ should not be afraid. Its our state and Government who should fear us.
Becuse United we can control them and take back the rights they have pretended dont belong to us.
But they do belong to us. And we will not prove that in their corrupt court, we will prove it out in the streets practicing one of our fundamental rights TO PROTEST THE OPPRESSERS AND TYRANNY AND BRING BACK FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.


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