Protecting our children starts with education and truth.

Many kids today are being removed by an over zelous over reaching Child protection agencies.
We are seeing an explosion in medical kidnapping cases everywhere. Hospitals and doctors have teamed up with the agencies to remove kids, many of these kids are then put on heavy psycotropic drugs (Covered by medicade) benifiting hospitals, big pharma and child welfare/foster care.
The truth needs to be told, these agencies and their cohorts are destroying our childrens future. Is there no one to protect the children from child protective services?

Medical kidnapping a threat to every child in america

 Feds Pay for Drug Fraud: 92 Percent of Foster Care, Poor Kids ……/feds-pay-for-drug-fraud-9_b_6966454.htm…

 Statistics suggest bleak futures for children who grow up in foster care › News › Local News


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