Father: My Son Is Missing From DSS

Senator Katrina Shealy says she did some checking of her own into this and other reports Richland County DSS is housing children in hotels in the area.
She says she spoke with Lexington county sheriff’s office, since the hotel is in Lexington County. she tells News 19,
“From my understanding they went out to take a report and the DSS worker on the scene just said, ‘you know I am not going to chase after him, so you know we’re just not going to file a report.’ That’s my understanding of what happened. You know I don’t know the situation of this specific child, if he ran away before but that doesn’t matter. He’s still a child. He’s still a child under the custody of the state of South Carolina. If something happens to this child. it’s on our backs to take care of him and do the right thing. And I don’t think we are doing the right thing, but I don’t think the right thing would ever be what we are doing in this situation. If its an emergency situation where we have to do this on a rare occasion and this isn’t the attitude that we should have. We should be out knocking on doors looking for this child


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