Cps and the courts, its a crooked game of chess

If youve ever played chess before you will understand this easiely and if youve never played you will still get it.

In the game of chess there are two main opponents. On one side we have child protective services on the other side we have the parents.

Now the parents are the pawns they do not have proffessionals on their side so lack any of the other main chess pieces that should be in place. If they are lucky they have a court appointed attorney (generally a pawn as well)

Yet on the other side of the board we have the children as the pawns. The caseworker, lawyers, DA, Psycologist, Doctors, Casa, etc. Many formidable skilled players, they make up the knights, bishops, castles, king and queen for the cps side.

Now a truly skilled player has studied the game so long they know the outcome based on the first move of their opponents. This isn’t much diffrent in the courts. Yet in this game of chess the parents are not told the rules. The go completely blind against many very skilled players in a ruthless game that is used to kidnap kids.

I’d  like to also point out that when these people claim there is no profit in kidnapping kids from parents the reality is they wouldnt have a job if they werent kidnapping these kids (and a special thanks to the foster care fund that goes unchecked)

Innocent loving parents do not stand a chance against this kind of a ruthless game of chess. And our childrens  future and safety within their loving families is being destroyed by this power hungry opponent who makes up the rules as they go in every game.

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