How inexperience can cause and perpetuate the never ending cycle of child abuse

At my age and my experiences i have seen alot and been through alot. As a parent i havent even come close to seeing it all (every kid is diffrent)
So when i walk into a room and see a child with bruises on   their knees, arms etc my first thought is… wow that kid plays hard.
Ive also had my share of experiences with rare medical conditions so when i see a child with bruises that seem to ripple in color from the main bruise my first thought is… is that child possibly anemic?

Ive seen children who are amazing (intellagent and creative) yet seem to be failing in school and i wonder could this child have aspergers, autism perhaps?
Because of my experiences ive learn to recognise the real underlining possibilities before jumping to the conclusion that a child is being abused.

 Child protective services has admitted to their ever revolving door of inexperienced workers. So we know honostly that even with their best intentions they lack the true experiences to decipher between true child abuse and normal life conditions.

I have also lived in certain areas that some would have considered uninhabitable (perhaps) in my younger parenting years (when i was a complete clean freak) i lived in an apartment complex that was riddled with roaches (ugh i hate those things) no matter how clean my home was or how many times we bombed the one apartment they still returned within weeks.

So why am i pointing out these things? Because when i walk into certain environments i bring my experiences with me and thats what helps mold my perception of the situation. When caseworkers walk into an environment where they lack any true experience the perception is more of a bias a prejudice.
This always causes me great concern when i hear of how parents are railroaded and intimidated by these agency with omnipotent power to kidnap kids. (And dont give me the…. its up to the courts the courts are easily  manipulated into siding with the agency above the parent)

Another type of manipulation are from the other agencies working with or backing the child protection worker. I think my kids peditrician said it best…. “i had felt you were a great mom until i read the caseworkers report and now i am greatly concerned”  So in the many years i had taken my kids to the same pediatrician, now our relationship is tainted because of a private report sent from an inexerienced caseworker to the Doctor. (Ouch)

During the whole ordeal with cps and seeing their so called professional service providers i experienced the same repeated problem. Their preception of me was based on a report sent by the caseworker (in private so i never got a chance to see or object to the accusations, i was slandered guilty) and the service providers attitude and judgement of me is founded on the caseworkers OPINION.

Now lets put this into another perspective. What if a car machanic sent a bicycle repairman to look at a car and come back and tell them what the problem is. What if an architect sent a carpenter to take measurments for the building he is suppose to be constructing (blue printing) what if a surgical  Doctor sent a veterinarian to asses all his future patients?

Fyi we would have lawsuits (seriously) yet what if they have been given immunity so do not have to suffer the repercussio s of their errors and poor judgement. We’d habe alot of broken cars, f-ed up buildings and dead people (thank goodness for proffessional accountability)

So why is it when children are involved/removed the standards of care and consideration/ the bar, is so low.? I mean i feel my child is more important then my any material object so why isnt my child treated with a higher standard of proffessionalism and regaurd. Why isnt my family treated with true proffesionals with real lofe experiences rather then people with past job experiencces ranging from prison gaurds to past jobs at the sunglass hut in the mall.

Child protection workers lack experiences of basic medical conditions, basic family enviroments in poverty, basic special education training, BASICLY LIFE.

And now tragically they hold all this power to remove kids and yet lack the basic life experiences to know the trauma and dangers their actions are causing on child.  Which can be seen in study after study.
A  few great sources ……

80 Percent Failure – National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

Federal study finds alarming use of antipsychotics among nation’s ……/federal-study-finds-alarming-use-antipsychotics…

Medical kidnappings

Former Foster Child Says Abuse Is Pervasive – Keye TV…/former-foster-child-says-abuse-pervasive-24813.shtml

The Disturbing Link Between Foster Children and Sex Trafficking …

Its time to wake up and discover how the child protection system is cause, perpetuating and creating a repeat and never ending cycle of child abuse.


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