Another Medical Kidnapping at Boston Children’s Hospital: Baby Seized Over Formula Disagreement

Medical Arrogance and False Accusations

When Bella’s parents pleaded with the pediatrician to switch her back to the Gentlease, he refused. He allegedly told them that “he was the one who held a medical degree, and she was a first-time mother.” However, Bella continued to decline.

The Hinotes didn’t know that the doctor had contacted DCF, allegedly saying that he had grave concerns about Bella’s weight. It would later come out that he told DCF that he believed that the parents meant well, but were simply “not feeding their child,” leaving out the part about his actions in prescribing a formula she couldn’t tolerate.

The couple were also having problems with neighbors in their complex. They later found out that the neighbors had filed false reports against them, accusing them of having 4 dogs, 6 cats, and animal feces all over the house. The Hinotes had no pets at the time. They also made an allegation that Christina would leave her baby for weeks at a time – an accusation which the Hinotes say they were easily able to prove false

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