How to kidnap a child in civil court

How to kidnap a loved child in civil court

When parents face off with cps in civil courts it actually very easy for cps to win and kidnap these children because civil courts have the lowest standards of evidence. Its called perponderance of evidence.

A requirement that more then 50% of the evidence points to something.  This is the burden of proof in a civil trial.

For example: At the end of civil case A v. B, 51% of the evidence favors A.  Thus, A has a preponderance of the evidence, A has met their burden of proof, and A will win the case.

Now this can be very misleading definition to many people because most would assume that there would be real physical evidence of abuse or neglect but this isnt true. So first im going to show you the importance of perponderance of evidence as i give an example of what it means.

Theres an allegtion that a child was molested by a family memeber but theres no medical evidence to back the claim. (Many times touching does not leave physical evidence but it leaves emotional scars)

So cps investigators look at how the child has acted in school, if anything is diffrent. Mentally evaluates the child. And also looks to the parents attitudes and perception of things as to whether or not they seem protective.

Now the caseworker implies his/her perception of the situation in writing. (Unfortunately this leaves room for bias and error either way)If the child has been removed temperarily to asses the situation (which is usually the case) theres on going assesments of the childs attitude and reaction to the situation.

This can be very helpful for children being abuse (molested) and afraid or ashamed to speak up. Because now there are doctors, teachers, casa, counselors etc all giving their opinion on the POSSIBILITY that the abuse may have occurred. And with just the one parent denial is easy to create the perponderance of the possibility that supports the allegation of abuse.  (that almost sounded like a Dr. Suess moment)

Now let me give you another version of perponderance of evidence that will really hit you. (This was how it was  explained to me)

A coat has been stolen from a retail store, the video camera only saw the person walking out of the store with the hood on.  2 blocks away from the store you are picked up and hauled to jail because you are wearing the same exact coat. You do not have a receipt. Your about the right hight, you have a past criminal record.  And you are a bit nuts according to a mental eval so theres a great possibility you did it perponderance of evidence met case closed (how you like them apples)

Not fair you say, you have your rights. Yeah sure in a criminal case perponderance of evidence doesnt mean anything (meaning a possible criminal is given higher standards of proof in criminal court)

But we are not talking about a missing/stolen material object. We are talking about removing and keeping kids from their parents based on perponderance of evidence.

A missed doctor appointment, a few late or missed days at school, parents dont come to par on cps mental evals. And bam the kid is placed in foster care. (How does that sit with you) like it or not the lie that children are only removed when real abuse occurs is just that a lie.

Maryann Goldboldo refused to medicate her child on dangerous psycotropic drugs and faced a swat team as cps and police came to remove her daughter, Joshua Hill told cps he smoked pot after daughter went to bed she was removed and murdered in foster care, Anna Nikolayev and her husband Alex took baby Sammy out of Sutter Memorial Hospital and sought a second opinion at Kaiser Permanente, a rival hospital, for Sammy’s flu-like symptoms. ( the video on baby Sammy’s removal is heart breaking.)

There are thousands of cases, not all making headlines, of cps removing children without any real abuse or neglect by the parents. And many families are losing their children forever based on perponderance of evidence. (When a child is in foster care after so many months cps must find them a permanent home so is allowed to place the child up for adoption, also part of the forced adoption scheme)

Welcome to the truth about child protection services and civil courts. Where perponderance of accusations allows courts and cps to kidnap children from loving parents.

Do yourself a big favor, hug your child because you never know if thats the last embrace the courts, cps, state and government will allow you to have.


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