Florida parents fight to get seven children back – NY Daily News

Florida parents Freddie and Tracey Verzosa would do anything within their power to get their seven children back.

“There are times when we hear their voices — it’s worse than a nightmare,” said Freddie Verzosa, recalling the ordeal that he and his wife have been through since social workers and sheriff’s deputies wrenched the kids from Tracey’s grasp and led them out of their Kissimmee home last July 9.

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,” added Freddie, 55, a contractor who has worked little in recent months as he and his 28-year-old wife, who is mentally disabled, attempt to reunite the family.

It might seem reasonable to question the Verzosas’ capacity to care for their brood, given the mother’s disability, the father’s sporadic unemployment and even some stretches in which the family was without a home.

Even so, their story has helped galvanize support among those defending the rights of parents with disabilities.

The Verzosas appear to have done their children no harm. In their decade as parents, there has not been a single proven allegation of criminal behavior or child abuse leveled against the Verzosas, according to court papers reviewed by the Daily News.

Freddie Verzosa contends that agency officials are also missing or discounting the most important detail about Tracey.

“She raised these kids for almost 10 years by herself when I was at work,” he told the Daily News. “My wife raised these kids. That’s the hardest part: that they can’t understand that


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