Woman Barred Entry To Home, Son Removed From Custody Over Two Ounces Of Cannabis Oil [Video]

A Kansas woman who is a local cannabis activist came home to find several police officers and social workers at her home. Despite not having a warrant, police refused to allow Shona Banda access to her own home. Banda repeatedly asks the officers if they have a warrant, which they respond they do not. However, Banda is refused entry to the home and told that they suspected drugs were inside. When Banda pressed officers as to why they felt drugs were present in the home, the police noted that the Child Protective Services were called after her 11-year-old son argued in favor of marijuana at the school’s anti-drug presentation.

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/2023324/woman-barred-entry-to-home-son-removed-from-custody-over-2-ounces-of-cannabis-oil-video/#trcSKXr6TECXpVd0.99


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