Medicinal marijuana advocate, Shona Banda, to learn if she will retain custody of her son | Local News |

According to her Linked in account, Banda is a motivational speaker and cannabis consultant, who authored a book about the healing benefits that she experienced when using cannabis oil to treat her Crohn’s disease.

Ralston said the boy said some things during a drug education program conducted by the school that concerned some of the teachers and counselors.

Under Kansas’ mandatory reporting statute, all public schools are required to report to DCF or law enforcement when it is believed a child might be in danger.

“The school officials called DCF, DCF did their investigation, and then we were called,” Ralston said.

Officers then went to Banda’s home, where according to Ralston, she denied them consent to search the residence.

Based on what the child had said during the drug education program and interviews with others, Ralston said, police later applied for and received a search warrant. According to the search warrant, the search was conducted based on probable cause that the following crimes were being or had been committed: possession of marijuana and endangerment of a child.

During the search, marijuana in plant, oil, joint, gel and capsule form and drug paraphernalia were found, according to the warrant.

“We took the boy into protective custody after they found what they found at the house,” Ralston said


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