World Haemophilia Day: Parents ‘avoid reporting strange bruises to doctors for fear of child abuse accusations’ – Health News – Health & Families – The Independent

A significant proportion of parents would avoid seeking help for unexplained bruises through fear of child abuse accusations, increasing the risk of undiagnosed blood disorders, a leading charity has said.
Bruises are a key characteristic of blood disorders, but new research from the Haemophilia Society revealed 22 per cent of the population are unaware of the link. Unexplained bruising may also be symptomatic of certain cancers, but 20 per cent of parents would avoid seeing a doctor, with many saying they would be concerned about being reported to social services.
The findings, based on responses from a cross-section of the UK, also showed that one in five individuals would associate severe bruising in a child with parental abuse. Consequently, parents of children with the conditions have reported being subject to scrutiny and investigation by authorities


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