Kids in foster care are struggling | The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee

Recently, it has been proposed that we’re relying too much on antipsychotic medications to treat frustration tolerance, as well as more severe symptoms such as hallucinations and bipolar disorder. While electronic health records are becoming more commonplace, doctors still do not have access to all the information needed to safely and effectively prescribe medication.

However, a Treatment Authorization Request system in which all families who use Medi-Cal must have their prescriptions reviewed by the state doesn’t address problems within the foster system since it is redundant to the court-authorization process. Instead, it causes delays and interruptions in treatment for kids and families who aren’t in foster care.

The “cheap fix” of limiting prescriptions merely limits options for all kids who have Medi-Cal. If we’re going to reduce prescribing, let’s do it the right way by giving kids and their families the support they need so they don’t reach the point of needing prescriptions in the first place. At the same time, when they need a prescription, let’s provide better support and communication, not further restrictions

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