Jacob VanWagoner’s answer to Is it a good idea, if Child Protective Services workers are investigating an allegation that you abused your child, to refuse to talk to them or let them into your home? – Quora

My mom did that with me.  I’m kid #5 out of 8.  When I was 3 years old, one day my mom was ironing and I decided to get a stool and see what was going on when she turned around to do laundry.  I put my hand on the ironing board and dropped the iron on my fingers.  24 years later my fingernails are still disfigured and I still have the burn marks on my skin.  Anyway, after getting as much treatment as possible, she put a sock on my hand, where it stayed (except for cleaning) for several months.

CPS arrived and demanded custody of me.  She told them in not so nice of words “back off.”  So they did, but they sent a social worker over anyway just to examine our situation.  My older brothers liked to dump the shampoo out of bottles so they could play with them as high-volume water guns, my oldest brother probably had OCD and my older sister loved to be the boss.  Cue classic hilarious family dynamics.  The social worker laughed and said “there’s nothing wrong here, just a normal accident


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