Warrant Issuing Judge in Stanley Children Kidnapping Case Forces Sheriff to Reveal Documents

Why did it take a judge to force Deputy Sheriff  Sgt. Michael Wright to finally release the search warrant documents? When the family attorney tried to obtain them via a subpoena, Deputy Wright reportedly stated that he didn’t have to tell them anything because there was an ongoing criminal investigation in Juvenile Court. Can the sheriff department, Juvenile Court, and DHS continue to conspire together and violate this family’s civil rights and destroy them in the process? No criminal charges have been filed against the parents.

If you are a citizen of the United States living in Garland County Arkansas, maybe it is time to take action if you do not want to continue living in a police state where authorities can come and kidnap your children with no criminal charges filed. If Sgt. Wright does not believe he has to give an account of his actions because he can hide in  Juvenile Court, maybe it is time for a Citizens vs. Garland County Sheriff Department complaint to be filed in Garland County, and specifically against Mike Wright.

– See more at: http://medicalkidnap.com/2015/04/15/warrant-issuing-judge-in-stanley-children-kidnapping-case-forces-sheriff-deputy-to-reveal-documents/#sthash.U8NTv09y.dpuf


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