Texas Sheriff Makes Wild, Unsubstantiated Claim About Viral Video; Attempts to Censor PINAC Journalist – PINAC

Shortly after the Sheriff makes his wild claim that Deanna Robinson, while being restrained against a kitchen counter by two large officers in front of a group of eye witnesses, ‘possibly’ reached for his deputies gun, the reporters immediately call him out.  One reporter asks.. “is it your understanding that is what the deputy told your investigator what happened?” He answers…
That is not my understanding, no.
It appears that Sheriff Meeks, made famous a few years ago for calling 911 to dispatch deputies to his house to move his furniture during a rain storm,  is literally offering a false narrative to grab headlines and blame the victim for inciting her own assault.  The fact that the sheriff would float this idea after no one involved in the altercation remotely suggested such a thing is disingenuous and could be considered defamation under Texas law:


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