Georgia court may have given sex predator custody of child victims | Communities Digital News

According to court records, throughout 2011-2012, “Jane’s” children (then ages 2 and 7) repeatedly insisted and showed credible evidence to child psychologist Nancy McGarrah, Ph.D and Ann Shannon, LCSW, that that their father made suicidal and homicidal plans with them, that he routinely watched child porn with them and sexually assaulted them during overnight visits.

Court orders show that Cobb County, Georgia Family Court Judge C Latain Kell has repeatedly ordered Jane’s children back into the unsupervised care of their alleged rapist, even after the Walton County Department of Family And Children’s Services (DFCS) issued a report substantiating emotional and sexual abuse allegations against the father.

Perhaps in retrospect, the Atlanta based divorcee would not have cooperated with child protection authorities if she had known from the start that it would cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal industry professional fees, while at the same time, creating a perverse incentive for the Court to order the children to spend even more time with their alleged attacker.

“Custody switching scams involving child sex predators represent a real threat to public safety” says Atlanta based advocate Deborah Beacham, who says she has reviewed dozens of Georgia cases like Jane’s over the years. “Judges should be turning child sex assault cases over to the criminal justice system, not turning them into billable feeding frenzies for family court industry professionals



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