‘Free-Range Parenting’ Trumps Nanny State – Pam Linn – The Malibu Times

They said they never set out to be part of a movement. “We just think they need the freedom that we had at that age,” the mother said. Police said they didn’t need a search warrant to enter the home and determine if the kids were neglected. The parents have filed an appeal with Child Protective Services (CPS), saying it’s not a crime to let children go to the park or walk home from the school bus stop alone. But police say that putting children at risk of harm is against the law. So who decides what is safe?

Another single mom was cited for letting her three boys play in a park next door to their home. A lawyer familiar with such cases says CPS agents are not able to make decisions about vulnerability — how reasonable or likely it is that something might happen.

Reactions have been mostly positive, such as parents need discretion to agree at what age they’re comfortable with leaving their kids alone. Instead of concerning themselves with these cases, CPS agents should focus on suspected neglect and abuse


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