The good, the bad and the ugly of child protective services

Let me purpose my thoughts on the troubles with child protective services.

As we see hundreds of cases popping up of parents abusing their children. (Jail time included) we have proof that child abuse is happening within children’s homes. So we have great reason for the child protective agencies.
Yet is every child within the child protection really abused? We hear cps claim of the millions of reports of child abuse every year. (Ever notice how only a small % of those are actually founded)

Cps has been found covering up their hair trigger removal and admitted to their cover their own butt removal of children (we see this happen every time a child dies within their care or under their watch) as well we have been witnessing how cps workers have been convicted of fraud and falsifying evidence to remove children.  (Don’t get me started on how many criminals are actually within the child protective agencies.)

We’ve also seen how child protective services has a secret list of parents they claim are child abusers without any court hearings or due processes. (All of cps has the same tactical handbook so don’t kid yourself that only one agency is doing this) As well I’m not sure if your aware that when you’ve gone through the court process and placed on their central registry the children’s names and ages are also placed on this registry. (I’ve seen their documentation of me that dates back to when I was two years old, so yeah they put my name on there as well, and no that case was never founded)

Now cps claims that their workers are over burdened with cases so sometimes children fall through the cracks. I can imagine! When they are overburdened with cases where workers must commit fraud to create a case or fall back on their unlawful registry it would cause an overload of cases. (To bad they couldn’t just focus on the cases of truly abused children, this would make it so much easier for the caseworker to understand and recognize a violent and dangerous situation for children)

This is why we see so many children placed back with abusive parents or taken from the protective parent and placed with an abusive or dangerous person or parent (talk about job security by perpetuating abuse)

Unfortunately child protection has become more about profit and less about protecting (and what an amazingly profitable business they have created, almost untouchable by man, politician or even government) we find millions of children stuck within the foster care system , some who should have already been returned home and some who should be given the opportunity for adoption and even more still who shouldn’t have ever been there in the first place. (Neither reunification or adoption is as profitable as foster care which is an ongoing payment from the federal government)

We also here of how abuse in foster care is more likely to happen than within the children’s real family. (Don’t forget cps says it’s in the child’s best interest to be placed in the danger of foster care, I question if cps and the courts really understand what a child’s best interest are)  As stories come to the surface of foster care abuse, overly medicated foster children for profit and foster children as a big part of the child trafficking I can’t imagine why cps would ever want to place anyone in foster care (no offence to the few truly wonderful foster parents as they are lumped into a bad rap because of this neglectful supervision of corrupt foster cares)

And even as I myself had suffered abuse as a child and placed myself in the foster care system (hey I was a kid, I thought the claims of child protection were true) I soon came to the reality that abuse and neglect runs ramped in the child protection industry yet society hears very little of it because we as children were ignored , excused as liars or given heavier medication to help forget what was happening.
And as I sat In foster care purgatory my abuser had served his time and was released back into society years before I finally ran away from the abusive foster care. (Imagine that for justice)

And how about that ever changing definition of abuse and neglect, I don’t mind that the definition is allowed to change to help educate what could be considered abuse and neglect. What bothers me is that not all forms of abuse and neglect should be used to allow child removal. (WHAT!) Yeah you read that correctly. Lol!

As I’ve poured over thousands of court cases and appeals cases I’ve noticed to often that children have been removed when generally the parent isn’t abusing or neglecting the child, yet a situation has placed the parents in a position where they are having trouble attending to all their children’s needs. One mother couldn’t afford a car or bus passes to take her children in regularly to see their doctor and dentist (never mind that she walked to work, full time and paid for child care) here cps could’ve handled things so much different and it would’ve cost tax payers so much less, not to mention one less child in foster care)

Another case the children were removed with claims of the home being filthy, yet on the appeals the judge did not agree with these statements or accusations since all evidence showed that the filth they talked about was the children’s clothing placed in bags all over the small home. (This father had to fight for over a year to finally get his kids returned)

I could continue on and actually show you thousands of cases of err made by cps (might I add so many are common sense errs that this is beyond deplorable) but you can go to American family rights association or afr and see for yourself.

And now this brings me to the deaths caused by cps. It’s not just about the deaths caused by abuse and neglect while under the care and supervision of cps. We also have children over medicate or wrongfully medicated in care committing suicide (as a 7 year old did in one foster care case or the recent case of a child placed on resperdol) we also have young parents committing suicide as their children are being abused in foster care and no one will listen . And even more parents and grandparents driven to their grave quicker by the irresponsible, undereducated, rude, bias and very frustrating system that is the now corrupt cps.

And let’s not forget the father that stood up for his child trying to protect from this corrupt business, going so far as to pull a knife willing to place his life in danger to protect his child. (Yeah he lost his life over false accusations of drug use.)  

And last but not least in this corrupt business we have the war on child trafficking. Thousands of foster children every year get sucked into child trafficking and even as we witness some very courageous agencies investigating and busting these child trafficking people one can’t help but wonder why we are not more focused on stopping this at the source rather than waiting till the child has already been exploited and abused. Millions of dollars are spent investigating and hunting down these sick individuals yet nothing has slowed down the foster children from becoming a part of it. (Yet another reason I can not see why cps claims foster care is in a child’s best interest, this again is a very cruel and sick way to represent a child’s best interests)

There are so many ways we could be saving millions of tax payers dollars, alleviate the amount of caseload on caseworkers and become better focused on how to truly protect children but there’s one very important factor that must come first. We must stop allowing cps to remain in denial, stop believing claims over real evidence and start moving forward with a more transparent approach to what cps should be allowed to do or how to treat families

This is about child protection, not about an agency saving face and ignoring abuse to children and families. It’s about stopping child abuse not about how to bring in more children to be abused. This is about our future, our lives and our beloved children. It’s about time we have accountability rather than immunity to help save our children and families from this perpetuated cycle of child abuse.

But this is just my take on the problem, you can go to my Twitter page or Facebook page and look up all the articles I’ve posted on this, the good the bad and the ugly of child protection and come to your own conclusions.!

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