dhs harrasment

I have been recalling my past experiences that I guess I suppressed, things that I had let go and thought I didn’t allow to burden who I have become. But now I find many of these things coming back into light and realizing that a great deal of this second hand abuse by the people supposedly helping me as an adolescent was really just that,abuse. For one I was told in group therapy not to share my experiences because it made the other children feel as if the abuse they went through was less when compared to mine. Now looking back, I wonder than why was I in that group, I had my own separate therapist . Everyone else in group was asked to describe the reasons why they were there and allow each kid to describe what they would do in that situation. Needless to say my answers were always the same,I would tell, I would stand up for myself. But of course they told me this wasn’t so easy for other kids. (They thought it was easy for me to stand up for myself and watch my family be destroyed) There were more kids there that had broken the law or got in trouble than actually victimized. (Ergo why my story freaked them out) so I was removed from the group. I can recall my therapist and caseworkers names, I know there first names were both Linda last initial m. One was Linda marshal the other Linda m…….. I can’t remember. But the Linda m. Part I haven’t forgotten. I remember my therapist drawing pictures on a dry erase board showing how this abuse was a continuous cycle one can never break free of. She was so right and so wrong. The mental cycle of an abuser inflicted on a victim is what she was talking about, she even told me that all whom have been molested will molest. I was a kid, this broke my heart, I have cousins I baby sat. I refused to allow this. I told my aunt I would no longer watch her kids, I wouldn’t be alone with them and I dam sure wasn’t gonna change my baby cousins diaper anymore. My aunt , bless her, she ranted she screamed, she declared my therapist statement as bull shit. Again I say bless her, this statement was bull shut. She new I’d never harm another human being. I’d never allow a child to be victimized . Never would I impose such sick and mental perversion upon a child, adolescent, pre-teen, or teen. Well well what do you know ,I just looked up Linda Marshall on the Internet and there she was a DR worker/ therapist so the other Linda m. Was my caseworker. Wow that was so many years ago. I want to call her up and asked if she’s changed her theory and thinking about the way she talks with her patients. I want to tell her how traumatic her words were to me. How heart broken I was that someone would try and make me believe that cause some pervert had messed with me that he would be a part of me for the rest of my life. Like I had no choice. But if I remember correctly as a kid I did complain and they changed me to a different therapist. (I’ve always been a bit of an assertive self advocate.) If I ever share this tail, keep in mind as you read along,the dhs workers claim my explanations of events seem long and confusing . I never really thought so, if one was actually listening , but who am I to say ,do you feel confused so far. Maybe because I didn’t describe why I was in dhs hands as a minor in the first place. Well let me fill that in for you. At age 2 my mom started dating a new guy (not my dad) He had been like a dad to me and my two brothers till about age 9. At that point he started molesting me. I feared I would lose my family (that’s what he told me) if I told. But I just couldn’t take it anymore, I knew this couldn’t be right. So in front of my brothers and mom I told on him. He confessed after that and turned himself in he spent one year in jail then was released to go back and live with my mom (that’s why I had to stay in foster care longer, kind of f-ed up isn’t it) csd as they use to call it tried to go to court and get wardship of me. I refused to sign any paperwork. So they went to my mom, who replied, I don’t see my daughter’s signature so I’m not signing. (I shall keep my feeling of my mom in check.) So there I was in foster care and csd wasn’t getting the funding they were after, so one night while I was in my room the police arrived at the foster home. One of my foster sisters came up to tell me they were going to arrest me for drugs. I called her a lier, I don’t do drugs, she said you got less than a minute and this is your only warning. Not wanting to get framed or God knows what they had planned,I jumped out a window ran through a Christmas tree field and straight into a bull pin. (A bit stupid and irrational) the cops were close behind me, they slowly entered the bulls area, and wouldn’t you know it here came the bull straight at me. Now I confess the bull was the more formidable foe but as an adolescent I didn’t see it that way . So I ran straight for the bull, it was muddy ,I’d love to say what happened next was on purpose but in truth it was shear dumb luck. I slip in the mud and slid right under neath the bull total unharmed. I watched in shock as the bull started chasing the cops, and believe me they were running. At that I got away. I hitch hiked over to an old friends home (again adolescent stupidity) I made it there safely. At this time I was about 15. I ended up being homeless and on the streets of down town Portland. I can’t remember how I came across green house. But I remember being there. In fact I am friends still ,through Facebook, with the people who helped me out there. GREEN HOUSE remember that name, they were the ones that truly helped me. At the age of 17 I believe, I started having pain in my side, I went to the hospital who sent me away and said nothing was wrong with me, the people at green house could see I was in a lot of pain so they got me a hotel room for a week . I don’t remember how many days passed, I hurt so much, I don’t even remember getting up and leaving the hotel. All I remember is stumbling into the green house door and falling into a pile of coats. Then I woke in the hospital. They were doing an ultra sound on me and said they didn’t see anything. I told her this nO I wasn’t leaving the hospital tell they figured out what was wrong. As it turns out my appendix was smaller than normal so when infected it was normal size. They removed my appendix as it was close to bursting (thank God). Again I had to stand up for myself. After I recovered I moved out to mollala got married and had a beautiful son. But things didn’t turn out so great. My then husband ended up cheating on me so i kicked him out. Things were frustrating and heart breaking I asked my mom to take my son for a little while so I could straighten things out and sell my home, I was also pregnant at that time . Well as my mom has always done she was only helpful if it helped her. She discovered she made to much money to get welfare for my son and she wanted to go on vacation. So she took my baby over to my mother in law . Needless to say I didn’t get to see my son again. For my divorce I didn’t want the home or any possessions I just wanted my son back, when the judge was about to give me back custody their lawyer revealed their ace in the hole. My son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. I had no idea what this was they never informed me about this diagnosis when they received it a month before the divorce. The judge asked me if I knew what this was and what kind of treatment it involved. I didn’t have a clue. But I told the judge I would do everything required to care for my son. The judge then gave custody to my mother in law because she had been carrying for him. I was granted visitation and was told I could have him on the weekends to start. I never got to see him again. I tried many times to go visit him. And they always took him away. Then one day as I tried to see him again I was told him and his father moved to Colorado. He is now 19 I’ve tried to contact him, even letting my second son speak with him on the phone when his dad would allow it but that was over five years ago. I hope some day my son’s can meet. I hope his father stops being so selfish before it’s to late. (Cystic fibrosis doesn’t have a long life expectancy.) I’ve had a few more tangles with csd now called dhs. I had no idea years ago that putting myself in the hands of social services would cause me a lifetime of hell. Now truth be told when my 17 year old was a baby I asked my brother to baby sit him while I went to a job interview. The interview lasted longer than expected so when I got out my brother was gone. I figured he took my son and went home to my mom’s. So I headed straight over there. My mom’s new boyfriend answered the door and handed me a business size card. On one side was a sheriff’s name and number on the other side it said. If you ever want to see your son again give me a call. I asked my mom what this was about,but she said she didn’t know and went back to bed. So I called. The sheriff answered and told me my brother had gone into a magazine store bought a porn mag. And then was seen under a bridge masturbating. The sheriff told me my son was a couple of feet away and it didn’t appear that my brother had done him any harm. But that I would have to go to court to get my son back. They demanded I take parenting classes, and after the judge reprimanded me for being so stupid as to leave my son with a person like that (my older brother whom had never done anything like that before) they finally gave me my son back. Yet the horror wasn’t over, shortly there after I received a bill in the mail for child support for my son while he was in dhs custody. Talk about a double slap in the face. Again I say my past therapist was right and wrong, I wouldn’t do harm to my kids but the cycle of terror will continue from dhs. Since the incident with my older brother I’ve had people claiming I didn’t have car seats for my kids (closed at screening) someone claimed I had no food in my home (closed at screening) even trying to claim I hit my older daughter (closed at screening) and many more
Now in 2010-2011 I had been trying to prove that my older son had aspergers but had run into a lot of complications. I had originally taken him to trilliam to have him evaluated, the appointment was four hours long, this didn’t sit well with my son but at least he participated. After the appointment we waited months for the guy to give his diagnosis. That diagnosis never came. According to dhs this therapist said hadn’t followed through with my son’s appointments so he was unable to give a proper diagnosis.(it’s amazing how we went to see a different specialist for the same four hour appointment and he was able to diagnose my son with aspergers. (After making us wait 6 months before finally hearing back from him ) kinda seems to me the first therapist was lazy or dhs just straight up lied. Now I agree my kids did miss more school than I really cared for, I couldn’t believe how many times one of my kids would come home sick and pass it on. As well when the kids were sick I’d end up getting sick and when something is airborne no amount of hand washing will remedy this contagious germ. At this time I Was again stuck in my mother’s home. (I had gotten a no cause eviction from my apartment, the sewer lines had gone bad and flooded the bottom apartment, I was on the third floor but they evicted everyone on that side) I spent my entire 401k my tax return and my final paycheck to stay in hotels for a while tell we could find a place. (I’d lost my job,were I’d worked for 6years because of too many sick days, staying home with my kids ) we tried asking for help from other family members (namely the kids dad’s family) but got shot down at every call. So we eventually had to move in with my mom. She owns a two bedroom home, she already had her dad and her boyfriend living there. This was an old home, I had to help my grandfather re do the bathroom floor, the bath tub was destined to fall through the rotten floor. As well the paint was chipping off the walls, and my mom had scrapped up the carpet that had been glued down to what use to be beautiful hard wood floors. I knew this was an older home, but when my kids doctor said my children had been positive for high levels of lead I had no sure pin point as to why. We had been scrapping metal but it was all outside, my children had a lot of old collector toys and some foreign ones as well. All these things could’ve contributed to the high levels of lead ( I know I looked it up trying to find answers so that I could take the offending objects away from my kids presence. But all I got where multiple leads and no definite answers). Again steps in social services. They said we were poisoning our kids by scrapping metal ( like it was a fact they had proof and knew) first they told us we had to stop scrapping metal, then they wanted us to stay in hotels for weeks at a time, then they sent us back to my mother’s home. My mom is a bit of a horder, but more than that there were five kids and four adults crammed into this 2 bedroom home. There was a lot of stuff. My mother also had this huge pile of garbage in her back yard since before we moved in (she tried blaming it on my family, that’s what she told the case worker) but my brother and myself remember that garbage being there for years, we never wanted to invite friends over because her home and yard was trash. And it wasn’t like she was hording it, it was that she was too cheap to pay for garbage service this is a woman who spent her money to go to Hawaii, Canada then on an Mr2 and much much more. But when it came time to pay her bills , taxes etc. She would cry poor mouth. (Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate my mom I feel sorry for her, I don’t wish to in able her, but from the decisions she’s made in her life anyone can tell something not quit right , and when I’ve had no where else to turn she’s kind of been there.) So anyways next dhs wanted us to clean up the home, no problem, they provided the dumpster and we took out the trash.( Enough for three dumpsters.) At this time dhs took us to court, I can’t remember all the allegations, I’m not even sure I received any documents pointing each one out, but I’m sure the court got those documents. I know the kids were missing days in school, that my 6 year old needed dental surgery for bottle rot, (we were already on our way to getting that surgery before dhs became involved) ever notice how you do all the work and dhs pats themselves on the back and claim it’s all their doing. My then five year old son had already seen the dentist and was scheduled to see the pediatric dentist (his father and grandmother had taken him to those appointments before dhs had even gotten involved) and of course when the day came for our son to have surgery his grandma gave us a ride to the hospital, where myself and the father stayed for the whole appointment/surgery. (Dhs later tried to claim that only the grandmother had gone to this appointment) Grrrr…. I’m so sick of their lies. Now we had no idea about the law our rights or how this would affect us later, so when my lawyer said just admit to these allegations and dhs will go away, we did, and sure enough less than 2 months or so later and dhs was done with us. If I would’ve only known, if I wouldn’t have just let it go and moved on, so many what ifs that could’ve saved my kids from the months and months of heart ache, the countless days of confusions, the flat out fear of being ripped away from their parents and at one point stripped down naked with no one familiar around and being looked over and probed by adults they didn’t even know. (They did this to my 7 year old boy and 5 year old girl) I Will never stop being angry over this, dhs claimed the grandmother was invited but that she said she had to work so declined going to this appointment.(that is a lie, the grandmother is still angry that they didn’t allow her to go or even tell her what it was about/what they did with the kids) But I’m jumping ahead so let me back it up a little. Let me start with the why cps/dhs/csd became involved again.
But I’m jumping ahead so let me back it up a little. Let me start with the why cps/dhs/csd became involved again. Let me start from the beginning. My 7 year old son was having trouble in school, his teacher had called me on several occasions telling me to come get my son because he was falling asleep in class. At first I went and got him ( she marked him absent on those days) but by the 5th time I was frustrated with her. My son had gone to bed early, he should have had plenty of rest, I thought he was taking advantage of her. So I told her ” look your the adult here , act like it , tell him to wake up and pay attention. This only made her angry. So I went to see the principal and talk to him about this. He had been unaware of her actions and told me he would talk to her about it. Later he had told me she had been reprimanded , because her action were not school policy. I did not get a chance to speak with her directly after that, because my son started having seizures. One evening my 7year old came running up stairs to my room yelling for me, he sat on my bed, I went and sat next to him. He was looking off to his right head eyes but body facing forward. I tried to get him to look at me, and he tried but his head and eyes turned back to the right. I called my mom and my son’s dad and asked them to come over, this weird activity lasted about 3 minutes from my son, then all of the sudden he just looked at me and said he was hungry. I was lost, what had just happened, I walked with my son down to the living room and made him something to eat. A short time later he went back to sleep. My mom and sons dad stayed the night. The whole family camped out in the living room. Early in the morning I remember waking up to my mother shouting it happening, he’s doing it again. When I opened my eyes I witnessed my little boy convulsing his father lifted him out of the chair and gently placed him in the floor as my mother and my self moved everything away from my son. This part is difficult for me, I’m crying now as I write this. I’ve been through so much in my life, but when witnessing something happening to my child that I couldn’t protect him from, I couldn’t find the cause and force it away,I couldn’t help my baby, all I could do was helplessly sit by his side and calmly tell my son it was going to be ok, and telling him to come back to us. Over and over. “Its ok it’s going to be ok, just come back to us honey you can do it. After his seizure was over he was tired his eye lids were all purple and his pants were soaked from pee. I quickly grabbed him a change of clothes and his dad and I changed him into the dry pj’s (our son had been wetting the bed for the past two years, I never got angry with him I just assumed he was afraid of the dark and or was a heavy sleeper. (My son has also had a speech problem, the speech therapist has been working with him for a couple of years) notice the pattern, a couple of years. We had never witnessed our son have a seizure till that day, but with benign rolandic seizures they are when sleeping or noticed when child awakes, he could’ve been having these seizures for years and we didn’t know. (What I did know and his father tried to hide was that when he was in jail he himself had seizures and was put on dillantin). His dad had taken our son to the er that morning , I had called his doctor and she said she wanted to see him asap so the very next day(when the doctor was available) I took him in, she said she wanted him to have an Mri and eeg she scheduled these appointments. On the day of the appointment my mom had been called in to work, my oldest son had been up late the night before and my brother and his wife where at an appointment so I had to stay home with my younger kids, but my son’s father and grandmother took him to the appointment. (His dad had broken his leg , goofing off on a motorized dirt bike, a few months before and had a cast.) But he’d been taking off all over the place (restless) so was use to being out and about in his condition (besides this was about his son, his pride and joy I knew he would be more than capable of being there for our son. Around this time my daughter had declared she wasn’t going to school anymore and that she wanted to switch schools,at first I couldn’t get her to explain why or what was going on, but I could tell things were upsetting her. I will spare you of the school girl drama , but say my daughter did allow things to get way out of hand ,girls wanting to beat her up, before she told me what was going on. Now imagine if you will a single mother of five kids, the oldest kid with aspergers needing a constant advocate for him because of school, a extremely intelligent 12 year old whom skipped ahead a grade and still got straight A’s (always keeping me on my toes) a 7year old son having difficulty in school, with a witch teacher who thought it was better to be harder on him than understand his difficulties, then having the 7 year old start having seizures, (I can’t even describe the emotional stress that put me through) as well as a 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy very intellectually advanced for their age (and all my kids have a lot of energy) and top this all off with a dead beat dad who had broken his leg and come over so often he might as well have lived with me. And what do you think you get. How about a very tired mom. (I would hide out in my bathroom from time to time, just for a little peace of mind) and I took naps. And wouldn’t you know it guess who came knocking at my door. Yep dhs, they said they had calls concerning me neglecting my kids ( as it turns out it was the school nurse, she had called me , when I returned her call I got the front office and told them my son still needed to stay home because we were unaware if it was safe for him to return as yet) well this nurse called the paternal grandmother (who hates me cause I’m making her son pay child support, this is her youngest son) after speaking with the grandmother for a while the nurse decided to call dhs.(of course this makes the caller valid but the hearsay that she passed on was not) So when the caseworker asked if she could come in I said sure,(I’ve got nothing to hide) stupid stupid stupid me. Long story short of each time this worker visited she kept making demands, some reasonable, but some were not. I had never had any kind of drug history yet this woman asked me to take a drug test because I took naps, she said this was a sign of a drug problem, I told her I would gladly agree after getting a lawyer, this posses her off. A couple of days later I received a very short mostly hand written paper telling me I had to go to court the next day. As I stood in court with the same lawyer who through me under the bus last time, I objected to the whole thing, aloud, the caseworker resorted to demanding the court give her full custody of all my kids if I didn’t comply, my heart sank, at that point I told my lawyer I’d do whatever they wanted, but to please not take my kids. At that point quit a few of the opposing party said “yes” and were cheerful about this,(I didn’t understand what that was about then but I do now, if I would’ve stood my ground they wouldn’t have been able to remove my kids.) And they did just that. The court ordered my three youngest kids removed. The case worker was already in my home before I had even gotten home from court, my children where crying and their father was screaming at the workers. And I can’t, I can’t write this part it’s way too hard. The way they took away my babies while they screamed and cried and begged me not to let them go ( my youngest daughter even said she was sorry and asked if she could please stay home) my God my babies thought I wanted them to be taken away, I told my daughter it wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t do anything wrong. I can still hear in in my head begging me to not let her go. sorry I can’t do this right now I’m crying so much it’s hard to type. I have to skip this part. I’ve tried and tried to come back to this part adding a sentence or two but it is just too painful. I feel my heart break every time and the pain is too much. I have to go for a walk to clear my head and calm down. So I went for a walk with my two older kids, they were concerned for me cause they saw me crying. (You know it still amazes me that after such high emotions, once I calm down I become extremely exhausted.) I need a nap now! Ok where should I start back up at????? So the kids where gone but a caseworker stayed behind to inform the kids dad that he wasn’t allowed to come over to my home anymore and that he had 20 minutes to leave, he was rebellious and told her he would leave within an hour. ( They said he couldn’t be around my older kids because of his past drug problem) now at the time of the caseworker investigation I had been spring cleaning my ho.e and preparing for a yearly home inspection (meaning washing walls, championing carpets, cleaning out fridge checking for any safety hazard and so on) so spring cleaning (on court records they called it deep cleaning and ridiculed my definition of it). Now I have pictures (actually videos, five of them) that show boxes on my table, garbage in my garbage can (everything contained) and the home not a filthy mess (but yep my carpets were stained) I also have a puppy whom pee’ s on a pee pad in the living room. (One case worker claimed my whole house smelled like pee yet in court said he never left the living room) . I had asked dhs to help with this spring cleaning /organizing and they sent out greater New hope. A church people with volunteers. I would have been more fearful if the first worker they sent out wasn’t so lazy, if she wouldn’t have been smoking weed in her car in my driveway (my brother seen her do it and brought it to my attention, she claimed she had a medical marijuana card, but that didn’t give her a right to do drugs at my home) this woman also started fights (screaming matches) with my sister in law who was there to help me out. (She’s the one who really help do all the work) I complained about the worker and she was removed. The second worker that came out just stood back with gloves on her hands and a mask on her face telling me to just throw away all the old clothes I wanted to donate. (I ignored her and later the arc happily pick up my 12 bags of donated clothes) Of course I passed my home inspection. So when I went to court again I had asked for the return of my kids. No one objected but the father stood and said, or the kids be returned to him. He’s never had clarify of the kids and owes 17,000 dollars in back child support (so you see his motivation) Now I have no criminal history, I had no drug abuse back ground (except I admired 22years ago when married I had tried drugs with my husband) but dhs had wanted me to do a ua right after the kids where removed. And fir the first time in my life I now have produced (some how ) a positive ua for meth. I called bull shut. Later when asked by the drug evaluation team why I might have produce a dirty ua I said I didn’t have a clue, that I could only make an uneducated guess. My guesses was I have allergies and sometimes take multiple allergy medicines (the kids attorney mocked this and said no cold medicine ingredients contains meth ) I also told them about a guy I bought a moped from that after my fourth visit at this guy’s home (learning how to maintain my moped) I had discovered he was doing drugs (no guarantee of what kind just a glass pipe and white substance I observed) after seeing that I hadn’t returned to the guys home. So again not a clue. In court they mocked me about my response saying I was in denial. Now while we where all focused on the issues to get the kids returned, behind our backs the case worker pulled 2of my 3 kids from the grandmother’s home ,without inviting the grandmother And took them on what my brother called a fishing expedition. They took them to an evaluation where they had to strip off all their clothes and be touchscreen probed by unfamiliar officials. ( I witnessed in court they only have to state their credentials but not actually provide documented proof, so they are declared professionals) after the evaluation the caseworker dropped off my kids with their grandmother and left. So the grandmother asked the kids what they did (and even if they had any fun) that when the grandmother was told what really happened. She was livid. There was a safety caseworker at her home at that time and she went off on her. The worker told her that they don’t normally do such an evaluation endless there are allegations of sexual abuse. Again the grandmother was angered starring there have never been any sexual allegations. So the caseworker said she would talk to Molly Gardiner and ask her to call the grandmother. The kids grandmother told me Molly did call and assured her there where never any sexual allegations but this was just a normal routine evaluation preformed by dhs. (The grandmother and I are going in next week to file a complaint about this whole inncedent. ) even though the grandmother had made a verbalize complaint dhs chose not to document . (They even claimed the grandmother was invited to the evaluation but couldn’t go cause she had to work that day (the grandmother sat at home waiting for the kids return that day ,she never had to go to work).
Now the dhs workers where to chose which parent would get the kids, and since I was forcing a trial they chose the kids dad. They made a deal with him that if he testified against me he would get the kids, and if he filed for sole custody he’d get to keep them ( if he doesn’t do this they will take the kids from him). And wouldn’t you know it he got on the stand and lied through his teeth. He admitted he was at the kids dental appointment. Nothing major he claimed he’d seen me drink a beer when I told them I quit drinking years ago and he said he’d seen me smoke pot 7 years ago (honestly as a teen I tried that stuff and its not my forta. My grandfather is an alcoholic, my mom and dad are both alcoholics, and I enjoyed alcohol . I never lost a job or got in trouble but I could see how it was a problem so I quit. Almost two years ago my brother over dosed and had a heart attack. They revived him but he stayed in a comma. I stayed by his side at the hospital, but when the said his brain was too swollen to ever be able to recover I made the choice to let him go. Wow this one still hurts too much. So skipping right along as to why I mentioned it, believe me I wanted to drink, but not once did I turn to alcohol. This was a possible life altering ordeal and I chose not to drink. So you get where I’m comeing from (and my God I love/loved my older brother very much but hadn’t seen him in a while because of his life choices.) So now after what the case worker called careful consideration they gave my kids to their dad. He has been manipulating me at every turn but what can I do. If we can’t get along they may take my kids and put them in foster care (of course I think dhs made this choice because the kids dad will surely fall on his face and that could possibly open the door for dhs to put my kids up for adoption) You know even filming all that your going through daily doesn’t mean anything if no one will look at it, and instead talks someone else’s word over yours. And now on to my trial. My lawyer didn’t want to call my brother or sister in law to the stand, and asked very few helpful questions. Many of the lies stated by cps my brother and sister in law where present and know this stuff not to be true but my lawyer never asked. I brought pictures of my kids in my home , for court, before and during the dhs investigation to prove my home was not a mess and my kids where not filthy and she decided to not even look at them. I wrote out every provable error in the discovery that dhs submitted to the court and provided that to my lawyer but she chose not to use any of it. And really what little bit of evidence she used u had provided, she didn’t really do her job, now facts about my case so to properly defend me. (Sorry I just have to say this, when the parental grandmother testified against me that my home was filthy she was asked to describe the filth and she said and I quote “there were dishes in the sink and garbage in the garbage can.) Heaven forbid. Ok now my grandfather comes over to my home dailey ( he often visited the kids when they were staying at the paternal grandmother’s and she complained about the choice of treats he would bring over.) My grandfather would bring over pizza pockets, cracker jacks, frozen meat balls (and yes I said my grandfather, so the kids great grandfather) I tried to ask him not to bring over such unhealthy foods but he is a stubborn old man. Yet even though the kids paternal grandmother had to deal with this as well she testified that all I fed the kids was garbage food. She’s never stayed for dinner and very rarely come to my home yet told the court she knew this to be true cause she saw a pizza pocket box in my garbage once. There are so many more disturbing aspects of this whole ordeal. But I think I’ve written enough. Let me just tell you what the judge said to me at the end of the trial. She agreed with dhs for the neglect, reprimanded me for the unhealthy diet I had chose to give my kids, and then went on to explain why she felt these things were true. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I had for this woman (judge Allen) talking to me about stuff she didn’t really know all the facts on, watching the DA who’s job was to find the truth not manipulate stuff the kids lawyer who resorted to trying to destroy my charecter for lack of any real proof, and the smug case worker whose lies stuck (even the lie that she saw my black leather recliner stained) all of them looked at me with smug ha ha faces. I didn’t even wait to get my court papers the second the judge left the court house so did I. My family was waiting out in the hall and quickly followed me as I ran down stairs and out the door. It was hard for me to talk at first, I explained to them what happened and they all said the same thing that all had felt with the corruption of the courts themselves, they hoped I would win,but new that these corrupt people always win cause they are corrupt in every way. They have no empathy about destroying families, they have no qualms in lieing and they are all in on it so there is no hope of winning.
Things I forgot to mention, the kids doctor has continuously made recommendations and diagnosis that she has later changed, like she is unsure of herself. And this woman testified against me stating I was neglecting all my kids when in fact the only thing they really proved was that I refused to let her use my older son with aspergers as a guinea pig. (As well the failure to thrive my 5year old was diagnosed with a month after she was removed, but I was held guilty for it)
Things I forgot to mention. The paperwork given to me telling me about court had my name and the kids father’s name on it, but the worker who delivered it refused to give it to the kids father. So he didn’t show in court the first time, they finally served him the papers 5 minutes after court started at the second court hearing and it wasn’t until the third court hearing that he was given a lawyer.

On the day when I was going to get a medical release for my seven year old to go back to school the caseworker showed up asking me a bunch of questions, thinking to take advantage of her presence and not wanting to ride the bus I asked her for a ride to the doctors office (in court she stated the only reason I went was cause she took me there to try and help further prove I don’t do anything endless dhs is making me do it.

After my three year old was taken away he received a concution and had to see his doctor ( I wasn’t told about this till weeks later) at the appointment the grandmother was told how to care for his uncircumcised private parts, (I’m a mom it’s hard for me to say p…s., or maybe I’m just too old fashion) The grandmother didn’t understand the doctors instructions and when at home forced back the skin to wash it and caused and infection. He had to go back to the doctors for this infection to get antibiotics (mind you just a month before he’d been in for his well check and was given a clean bill of health) but in court this infection was blamed on me, and the DA said it was further proof that I wasn’t taking care of my kids needs (my witch lawyer didn’t object, and stupid me I thought she was going to get back to it and prove these statement false)

My five year old was diagnosed with failure to thrive after she’d been removed, (mind you this is the kid everything was the most traumatic for) she is short like her mom and skinny, (like I use to be) but she is also extremely intelligent, she has been talking full sentences since 1and a half, this kid is curious and amazing but if you ever get a chance to talk to her I’m warning you she quick, she will keep you on your toes. And she remembers things so don’t lie to her cause she will verbally bust you on it.


2 thoughts on “dhs harrasment

  1. I haven’t been to this blog in so long, I had moved over to Facebook, as Mad Angel.
    As I do have a response but the best response I can give here Nevada dcf is that you go to Facebook and look for others that are posting in groups, like against cps United, against government abuse, leaving footprints, national bureau of truth and justice, real help for real people and the list goes on and on……I think you will have better opportunity to find your answers there.

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